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2013-05-15 06:07 pm
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 hello, everyone! i'm a new user, so please be kind to me. unless i do something really stupid, then you can rip me a new one.  but anyways, welcome to my journal. journal? i don't even know.

you can find me on tumblr as hetastuck. come talk to me, if you want! i've joined the homestuck shipping world championship. more specifically, team noir. not that i wouldn't have loved to join a specific ship, but unfortunately i will be busy over the summer and i'm rather shy when it comes to my own work. still, i hope to contribute something!

i like a ton of stuff, and i'm always open to suggestions to find more things in order to procrastinate on anything i'm supposed to be doing. drop me a message if you want to talk!
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2013-05-15 08:06 pm
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life is hard


i don't want to do work but i know i have to and let me lie down in pain uuugh i wish i had more time to do stuff i like, such as WRITING but over the summer i'll have a little bit more time to do that stuff i guess