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May. 15th, 2013 06:07 pm
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 hello, everyone! i'm a new user, so please be kind to me. unless i do something really stupid, then you can rip me a new one.  but anyways, welcome to my journal. journal? i don't even know.

you can find me on tumblr as hetastuck. come talk to me, if you want! i've joined the homestuck shipping world championship. more specifically, team noir. not that i wouldn't have loved to join a specific ship, but unfortunately i will be busy over the summer and i'm rather shy when it comes to my own work. still, i hope to contribute something!

i like a ton of stuff, and i'm always open to suggestions to find more things in order to procrastinate on anything i'm supposed to be doing. drop me a message if you want to talk!
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You are important,
you are loved,
today you are sad,
today you are beyond sad,
but tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow
some tomorrow that you must go after,
will be
(now on to the actual poem)

 Today I cried.
Today I lay down and wanted to die.
Today my concept of my own self-importance
began to
Tomorrow is something I’ve been searching for,
something I haven’t found yet.
I want to escape under rainy skies tomorrow,
scream at the thundering clouds tomorrow,
sobbing to my heart’s content tomorrow,
dance in rain puddles tomorrow.
I want to watch as night falls tomorrow,
the distinction between night and a rainy day so unclear,
climb up a tree tomorrow,
and from my perch watch fireflies glow and swim,
sing to the owl that hoots tomorrow,
hold back laughter from the squirrel that chitters and chatters.
I wish I could watch as the sun rises,
dawn blooming over the sky in shades of vibrant red,
orange, yellow,
fading purple, a hint of blue,
and in my own heart will bloom a flower of happiness
at the sight of the beginning of another tomorrow.
Some day, some tomorrow I have yet to grasp in my hands,
I will smile,
I will smile, smile, smile,
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i don't want to do work but i know i have to and let me lie down in pain uuugh i wish i had more time to do stuff i like, such as WRITING but over the summer i'll have a little bit more time to do that stuff i guess


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